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Next event:  December 20 – Deadline for comments on final master plan draft – see below

In January-May 2013, citizens working to protect Crown Hill Open Space from unwanted development identified several major recommendations for open space management, mostly related to public participation and transparency. This year (2013) we have an opportunity through the JeffCo Open Space Master Plan process to provide such input to the managing agency, JeffCo Open Space (JCOS).  JCOS revises its Master Plan every five years so this opportunity is fleeting.  Details on this process and opportunities for public input are included below.

Concerned citizens (Friends of JeffCo Open Space) have started an ongoing effort to involve the public in the Master Plan process.  If you would like to be included in this effort (either to receive updates or find out how to help), please send an email to Friends of JeffCo Open Space,

At the Open Space Advisory Committee meeting held on 8/1/13, JCOS staff stated that due to input received, the decision was made in July to update the Open Space Master Plan only, and NOT do a combined Parks Master Plan at this time.  Accordingly, the name of the master plan has been changed to “Open Space Master Plan” on this web page.

2013 Draft Open Space Master Plan Location Online

FINAL DRAFT dated 11/19/13 now available at  

The draft plan was released 8/8/13 and is available at   immediately under the 1st heading “Open Space Master Plan.”

A second draft was prepared by JCOS staff and provided to the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC) in mid-September.  That draft has not been posted on the JCOS website, but is available here: Click here to read

A third draft was prepared by a subcommittee consisting of 3 OSAC members (Jan Wilkins, John Litz and Mike Dungan) working with JCOS staff.  This subcommittee met on 9/30/13, 10/14/13 and 10/23/13.   A draft was available at the 11/7/13 OSAC meeting for OSAC member review.  After OSAC comments were incorporated, the final draft was made available for public review on 11/19/13. 

Recommendations & Sample Comments (May/June 2013) for the Open Space Master Plan

Friends of JeffCo Open Space is considering proposing the following recommendations for incorporation into the new Open Space Master Plan.  If you are aware of other issues not addressed in the documents below, please notify us at Friends of JeffCo Open Space,

Recommendations for the Open Space Master Plan (revised 5/16/13):  Click here to read

Sample Comments (incorporating the recommendations above) in Word format for the public to copy and edit as they wish: Click here to open

Comments submitted in July/August 2013 before release of 8/8/13 draft plan:

The following comments were submitted to Jeffco in late July and were finally included on 8/6/13 in the Listening Log on the Master Plan website.  (

Brief comments from Cara Snyder (based on above sample comments with some additions):  Click here to read

Extensive comments from Vicky Peters (based on 2008 Open Space Master Plan):  Click here to read

Letter of concern submitted by PLAN Jeffco:  Letter dated 7/21/13 available at the following link –

Comments submitted in early September on the 8/8/13 draft master plan:

Extensive comments from Cara Snyder:  Click here to read

Extensive comments from Vicky Peters:  Click here to read

Extensive comments from PLAN Jeffco:  Letter dated 9/3/13 available at the following link –

Comments from League of Women Voters:  See text under heading “League Action: Jeffco Open Space 2013 Draft Master Plan” at


Public Input Opportunities

Public input will be accepted from November 19 until December 20, 2013 for the last draft of the Open Space Master Plan.  See the Jeffco website for details: send comments to using the subject: JCOS Master Plan.  Please consider copying the Open Space Advisory Committee with your comments, using their email address  Note that there are no opportunities before 12/20/13 to present oral comments to OSAC. 

May/June and August 2013 Public Input Meetings

The first round of public input meetings ended in early June 2013.  The second round of public input meetings ended in late August 2013.  Please see the document below for information about these meetings.

May/June 2013 Public Meetings for Parks Master Plan:  Click here to read

August 2013 Public Meetings for Open Space Master Plan:  (document to be uploaded soon)


Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC) Meetings

OSAC website:

OSAC meets on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted on the website above.  A study session (on various topics) is usually held at 5:30 pm, with the regular meeting following at 7 pm.  Public comment is allowed at the regular sessions, and sometimes at the study sessions.

NOTE:  There are no oral public comment opportunities before the 12/20/13 public input deadline for the master plan.  The next OSAC meeting in December is dedicated to reviewing grants and there is no public comment period scheduled.

  • December 5th special OSAC meeting, 3:00 pm  to approximately 7:30 pm.   This special meeting will consist of presentations from the local entities applying for grants for 2014.   Meeting location is assumed to be the usual location:   Open Space Administrative Office, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden, CO 80401.   The presentation schedule is available at the OSAC link above.


Additional Information

JeffCo’s Open Space Master Plan website (as of early July 2013):

Contact Thea Rock, JCOS Communications Manager,, and ask to receive emails regarding updates on the Parks Master Plan process.

Overview of JeffCo Parks Master Plan – The most current version of this handout is available at the JeffCo Parks Master Plan website ( – under the heading “Parks Plan Resource Documents.”  File is called “Parks Plan Information.”

Overview of JeffCo Parks Master Plan presented at 5/2/13 Open Space Advisory Committee meeting:  Click here to read

Resource links:

(updated 7/10/13 to reflect new Jeffco website locations)

2011 Jefferson County Open Space Citizen Survey – available under “Parks Plan Resource Documents” at

2012 Colorado Natural Heritage Program Survey of Critical Biological Resources (conducted in 2010-2011)

Jefferson County Open Space Master Plan Update 2008 – available under “Open Space Master Plan Documents” at

Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan –

Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) – standards:      Note that JeffCo plans to obtain accreditation in 2014 using the CAPRA standards, but they contain only minimal standards for community involvement, and do not address transparency, or accountability for legal restrictions on properties.  In addition, these standards appear to be for more traditional parks and rec departments, and not really for open space programs – as noted by an OSAC member on 10/17/13.


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  • rs hayes says:

    Will you also take out the horse exercise area, if not why not? You’re taking out all the citizens, exercise equiptment—-interesting

    • roberta says:

      FYI, the horse arena at Crown Hill will not be addressed by the JeffCo Parks Master Plan, which is a very high level planning document that will focus on Parks-wide vision and mission statements with broad goals and objectives. Besides, the City of Lakewood is responsible for the arena, not JeffCo, let alone FriendsofCrownHill, which is a citizen initiative with no decision-making authority. So the city would be the appropriate entity to answer an arena question.

      Thanks for visiting the website! Hope you will engage in the important Master Plan process if you care about Jefferson County Parks

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